Ready to get serious about your game? Consider golf school!

In 2005, when it came time for me to get “serious” about my golf game and accelerate my development, I decided that attending a multi-day golf school would be the best option.  I wanted a “boot camp” that would help me work on all aspects of my game under a focused and dedicated instructor.

 When researching viable golf schools, one name came popping up – the Mel Sole Golf School with its home base in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  The Mel Sole Golf School has other locations in Georgia, New York, Colorado and Mexico. 

What attracted me to the Mel Sole Golf School was first, its reputation.  I researched golf schools online and saw that the Mel Sole Golf School had been consistently ranked in the “top 25” by Golf Magazine for the last decade.  In addition, the reviews that the golf school received from actual students were overwhelmingly positive.  Check out “TripAdvsor” or Google “Mel Sole Golf” and you will see what I mean.

The second criterion that attracted me to the Mel Sole Golf School was its rates which are about one third of other competitive golf schools.  This is part of their philosophy, to provide outstanding value.

The third criterion I liked was the Mel Sole approach.  What I didn’t want was somebody to come in and try to wholesale change my swing.  The Mel Sole approach is to work with “what you got” and simplify the swing movements.

A huge benefit (and money saver) was that Mel had a golf school in Atlanta, my hometown.  Since all the golf schools utilize the same teaching style and methodology and since I would save a bundle in travel and lodging costs, I opted to go to the Atlanta Golf School as opposed to the Myrtle Beach location.  Of course, there are pros and cons to either stay in your hometown or travel elsewhere if you are thinking about a golf school, but it worked out well for me.

So, what was the verdict?  Did the golf school improve my game?  I can say unequivocally, absolutely.  It was one of the most sound investments I have ever made.  Mel’s Atlanta instructor, David Olberding broke down the game an easy to understand fashion and removed all the golf jargon and clutter that infiltrates our mind.  We focused on the basics and really honed the fundamentals.  Within a year, my handicap dropped about 5 strokes, primarily due to the sound basics, repetition and drills I learned.

And you better believe it that, four years later when I started putting together my instructional team for Golf Genie that Mel Sole and David Olberding where the first pros I called to contribute.  Our belief in simplifying the game of golf and focus on the basics readily transfers to our Golf Genie content.  Drop me a line at if you agree.

Regardless if you use Golf Genie products or not, check out the Mel Sole Golf School based in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  I’m a lifelong fan.  When you are done with your lessons, check out the areas myriad of fantastic golf courses and Myrtle Beach tee times.

Kristian Traylor

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