Many golfers are intimidated by driver shots and in an effort to “drive for show” lose focus of driver shot fundamentals forgetting to simply let the driver do the work for them. Remember, it is much, much better to hit a straight 200 yard drive into the fairway than a 300 slice into the woods.

With that said, here are a few basic golf tips to setup properly for driver shots which will result in both more accuracy and longer distance.

A great practice drill for driver shots is the “whoosh” drill which can be practiced on the range or between shots on the course. Here are basic golf tips to execute the whoosh drill:

  1. Flip driver upside down and grip shaft just above club head.
  2. Make normal swing with driver and listen for “whoosh” sound from shaft on the downswing.
  3. The whoosh sound should be heard after “impact” resulting from proper extension and acceleration through ball.

Practice the drill

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until whoosh sound is heard after point of impact. Carry over this sensation to full swing for more distance with driver shots.

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